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ShopStats is an instant business intelligence chatbot to graphically deliver your online store's performance data on Slack.

Visualize Store Performance.

ShopStats listens to and responds to a user’s command, and returns the corresponding numerical data, such as sales revenue or order count, with graphical images.

Multiple Stores, One Slack.

ShopStats helps a user connect with Shopify, Wix, WooCommerce*, BigCommerce* stores, and returns its performance data with its secure APIs.

* To be released in

How It Works

1. Connect with Slack

Connect with your Slack account when signed in.

2. Connect with EC stores

Connect with your E-Commerce store accounts on dashboard.

3. Interact with Slack bot

Post /shopstats command on your Slack channel.

Simple Pricing



  • Connected shop accounts: Unlimited
  • Interactive graphs: Unlimited
  • Automatic recurring reports: Unlimited
  • Accessible team members: Unlimited
  • Various data types (sales/orders/customers etc), data units, data period options
  • Reliable customer service
  • Cancel anytime whenever you want
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