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ShopStats is an instant business intelligence tool to graphically deliver your online store's performance data through custom workflows or on Slack chatbot.

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Why ShopStats?

Track your store's performance with ShopStats. Our app is for Shopify store owners. We make store analysis automatic and simple as ABC.

Visualize Performance

Instantly visualize store performance with graphical images.

Custom Notifications

Set up notification workflows with customizable reports.

Intuitive Dashboard

Manage store accounts and workflow settings in one place.

Be in the loop with custom metrics

ShopStats saves your time by allowing you to tailor your requests. You can select a data type from Sales, Orders, Customers, and more. Also, choose data units and periods with ease. You will then receive the requested stats at your predetermined intervals. ShopStats will send workflow notifications in your SMS, Email, or Slack Message.

Request new data & receive answer on Slack

You will get the exact data in your slack inbox via our bot — for example, a sales amount of USD 20,456.69 for this year. The bot will also show a graphical and numerical comparison of sales of the requested year and its previous year.

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Unlimited: $14.95/month

Shopify integration

Unlimited notification workflows

Unlimited automatic recurring reports

Unlimited interactive graphs

Custom data types (sales, orders or customers etc), data units, data period options

Reliable customer service

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When ShopStats handles the store analytics, you can put emphasis on other vital things. ShopStats is beginner-friendly. Easily read our reports and use ShopStats to find out customer and sales information.

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